Our Products

Custom Software Development

Software development is what Mobil King professionally does for last many years. We are experts in rapid custom development of distributed and standalone applications, specially designed to meet requirements of your organization and business. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that fulfill customer expectations. We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the international companies..

Web development

Web development makes up majority of our development. Our core expertise includes fast custom implementation of the feature rich web applications with strong functional coding and administration backend. We are in business for over 10 years and have delivered over 300 websites. Before starting a project we present our clients different options based on the scope of work - we can build any kind of web site static, dynamic or having huge database on backend using Java, JSP, ASP.NET and PHP and other latest web tools. We help our clients to define requirements specification and make key technical and functional decisions.

Mobile Application Development

Our unique expertise of development enterprise-level solutions, utilizing Short text messaging (SMS), GPS and bordering technologies are also available for last 8 years. We produce applications for cell phones and have integrated with wireless operators and gateways. SMS is a rapidly increasing medium of communication, marketing, business and information. Adoption of this technology in America, Europe and Australia and around the world is growing quickly and it has become a proper business tool. Use of SMS into your business process or business application can boost your competitive edge and Mobil King can help you with this as a consultant and developer.