Mobil King’s mission is to be instrumental in making our customers’ businesses stronger by providing rich technology competencies, web expertise, and passion for quality and reliability of our software professionals.

Message from CEO

Natural beginnings are almost always small, the first step which is ridden with uncertainty and errors. That is exactly how Mobil King made its beginning in May 2003. From thereon, its been a one step at a time approach for us. Looking back, we can now proudly see how Mobil King has contributed to society; whether it be through providing its customer the customized software solutions for higher efficiency and productivity, or Web solutions making the connectivity conveniently for the common man, or developing Mobile Phones Applications which make mobile phones more entertaining. Then there are contributions to employees through job creation, learning and professional development opportunities which have been provided across the nation to talented young people. We have even contributed to our competitors who have had to raise their levels in order to stay in business and compete with us.
The 10 years therefore have been a story of success, of excellence and pride. These years are studded with great little stories of individuals performing beyond the call of duty, teams performing highly improbable or even impossible tasks, each with a dedication to be the best. The result: Team Mobil King crosses and exceeds all targets assigned by their principals, and achieves sustained growth rates all through its 10 year history even in troubled periods of the economy. The future augurs well for the company with a strong imprint, the right portfolio and the best team; all for the success and betterment of its valued clients, employees, investors, and the society at large.

Muhammad Adil Jamal